• Doxy Doe Cast 3R wireless held in hand between fingers
  • Doxy Die Cast 3R held in hand with head facing downwards
  • Doxy Die Cast 3R in it's silver case held by a hand

Doxy Die Cast 3R

Regular price $290.00

The stylish Doxy Die Cast 3R is a high quality wand vibrator that is perfect for massaging every part of the body. It has the same neat dimensions and is made with the same high-quality materials as the mains-powered Doxy Die Cast 3 but it’s wireless!

The Doxy 3R offers the same easy to use Doxy buttons delivering a strong 3,000rpms all the way up to an exciting 9,000rpms. You can also hold down the power button to try the escalating pulse setting for a simply sensational experience. This toy is also one of the better out there for travelling as you can use the travel-lock by pressing the power button and minus button at the same time for four seconds and then slide it into its sturdy storage tube.

Be Careful though the Doxy 3R is not waterproof.

  • Fully charged in 4 hours
  • Body Length: 28cm
  • Head Diameter: 4.5cm
  • Weight: 350g

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