• Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator held upright in hand
  • Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator held in hand view of the head
  • Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator held upright with a view of the control panel

Doxy Die Cast

Regular price $270.00

The Die Cast vibrating wand massager is Doxy’s flagship model, cast in Aluminium and Titanium alloy for a sleek, luxurious doxy experience. One of the larger, more powerful vibrators on the market, the Die Cast is great for those seeking some extra power on their erogenous zones.

Easy controls deliver just as many of those really pleasurable moments all the way from 3,000 Revs per minute to 9,000 rpm, at the touch of a button, and you can also enjoy the escalating pulse mode.

With an extra 190g of weight compared to previous models, the Doxy Die Cast is a handful of energy for you to position just as you like or heavy enough to rest in place for a liberating hands-free experience - Ideal for those with restricted mobility. The 6cm silicone-covered head ensures you will feel every sensation to the fullest.

  • 3 metre cable
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Body Length: 37 cm
  • Head Diameter: 6cm
  • Weight: 690g

Also available in wireless: Doxy Die Cast 3R