Posmo is a sex toy concept store and pleasure project celebrating unique expressions of human sexuality. Co-founded by Sexologist Laura Miano, it has been established to offer a safe and inclusive space to facilitate sexual curiosity and a deeper learning of one’s own sexual identity.

Our philosophy has been inspired by queer theory. This is a sociological theory that argues against the use of sexual orientation systems due to its inherently hierarchal nature and failure to capture a person’s idiosyncratic sense of sexuality. In using this theory, each person is seen as sexually unique. By embracing all sexual orientations, while rejecting assumptions about them, Posmo seeks a deeper understanding of people’s sexual preferences, ensuring they are wholly recognised and celebrated. 

Curated with a collection of pleasure, sexual health and creative products, the range has been carefully selected based on quality, inclusivity, accessibility, and aesthetic. This process is ongoing with new products added regularly based on community demand. 

Posmo also values education and play, hosting regular Melbourne-based and online workshops on pleasure, gender, and sex education, while running occasional parties to facilitate free-spirited and safe sexual expression. 

Who are we?

Posmo was co-founded by lovers and best friends Laura Miano (she/her) and Liam Brosnahan (he/him).  

Sexologist Laura Miano is Posmo’s sex expert, creative director, and buyer. With a master’s degree in sexology, bachelor’s degree in psychological science and an associate degree in fashion merchandising, she has collaborated her interests and expertise to create Posmo. 

Taking a keen interest to queer theory throughout her studies, she was inspired to establish a sex toy store with a purpose. Motivated to create change within our culture’s approach to sex, she devotes her time to improving the sex lives of individuals, through her work as a sex therapist, and her broader community, through Posmo. 

Her work in this project also extends to Posmo’s unique aesthetic. Her interest in style and erotic films shaped her vision to create an aesthetically pleasing journey when purchasing sex toys, much like what exists in other creative industries today.

Liam is Posmo’s business director and operations manager, and brings his knowledge from over 10 years’ experience working in e-commerce. Sighting a gap in the current sex toy market, he has established Posmo with Laura to create a fun, unique and pleasurable experience from browse to use. 

As a cis man he is motivated to change the way cis heterosexual men approach sex. Moving away from traditional gender and sexual norms, Laura and Liam hope to normalise the use of sex toys as a means of enriching people’s sex lives while simultaneously promoting safe and consensual sexual exploration. 

By taking this holistic approach, they aim to create a special place for all people to explore, discuss and learn about sex. 

Posmo acknowledges we live, play and learn on what always was, and always will be, the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. Indigenous sovereignty has never been ceded.