• The cage earing lying horizontal on a reflective grey surface
  • They cage earing clipped onto a silver fabric
  • The cage earing on a persons right earlobe

CAGE Earring by Metal Bender

Regular price $150.00

The ‘CAGE’ earring is built up of tiny silver granules to create an anal bead / cock cage hybrid earring. It is made of a 100% recycled sterling silver pendant on a gold filled sleeper.

Handmade with love.

Please note each piece will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the piece.



  • 925 sterling silver pendant, 30mm Long
  • 14ct yellow gold filled chenier hoops, 16mm diameter.
  • 45mm long including hoop.  


By Laura de Carteret (they/she)

Metal Bender is the jewellery practice of Laura de Carteret, a multidisciplinary artist based on unseeded Wurundjuri country. Their work draws inspiration from nature, the alien, sexuality and desire, in a way to articulate the spaces in-between words that we use to communicate. They are interested in investigating textures that draw visceral responses from the subconscious, creating fluid, genderless body adornments that compliment the wearer.