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Magnetic Orbs

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Clip these orbs onto your nipples, clit or clothing. These small but mighty magnetic orbs are for those who like a strong pinching sensation. The metal design runs synonymous to the industrial hardware features of BDSM wear. 

Clip them onto your nipples over a fine singlet for a bit of fun. Or, store these on your side table as an unassuming home object. 

  • Made for all bodies
  • 10mm in diameter 
  • Metal material 
  • Multi-use - nipples, clothing, art object, & more!

Safety Guidelines: We recommend practicing with using these on another surface before trying on your body, so you can get a feel for how strong they are. We suggest using them for a momentary pinch, as they can fall off when you are moving around.  

Also available as a set of two 

*If ordering other products as well, we will ship them altogether. Otherwise please place orders separately. 

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