• Tenga Spinner 'Shell'
  • Tenga Spinner 'Shell'
  • Tenga Spinner 'Shell'
  • Tenga Spinner 'Shell'

Tenga Spinner 'Shell'

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Innovative Japanese sex toy makers Tenga have created the Spinner - a masturbator for penis owners. Using an internal coil it makes the Spinner twist as you insert and release, expanding and contracting as it hugs the contours of your penis. This toy is different to most masturbators in that the twisting motion is not made by your hand, rather the toy itself. 

The 'Spinner Shell' has an internal makeup of a spiral of fanned tiles with firm edges.

The SPINNER can be easily washed under running water, and the product includes a Drying Stand to air-dry the item before storage.

  • Reusable
  • Material - Elastomer
  • Insertion Depth: Approx. 17cm (Will stretch much more)
  • Insertion Width: Approx. 5cm   (Will stretch much more)

Posmo has 3 different Spinner options ('Beads', 'Pixel') each with unique sensation strengths from their internal details as well as differing material firmness and tightness.

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