• Book a Posmo Sex Toy Party!
  • Book a Posmo Sex Toy Party!

Book a Posmo Sex Toy Party!


Melbourne friends - let us bring Posmo to you.

We know you love learning about sex, we also know you love buying sex toys. That's why we want to take your Posmo experience out of the internet and into your homes. And what better way to do that than getting tipsy with all your mates? Thank us later. 


Sexologist and Posmo Co-Founder Laura Miano is now hosting Posmo Sex Talks. 

Here's how it works -  


What you do...
Get 10 to 25 of your mates together, pick a location (your house, their house), choose a sex topic and pick the toys you are most interested in purchasing. 


What we do .... 
Our sexologist Laura Miano will prepare the educational material and arrive at your door with a variety of your chosen sex toys. 
The sex education will be a fun 30 minute casual discussion where Laura will provide information and you and your friends can contribute to the conversation throughout. 
After the discussion, its sex toy show and tell time! This is your chance to touch the toys, ask questions and buy one (or more) for yourself.


Posmo Party Talks run for 1 hour and can be booked at 7pm Wednesdays to Mondays. 


Within 15 km of Melbourne CBD. If further, a travel fee might apply. 


How much? 

Please get in touch to discuss pricing


The Sex Ed Topics (for all bodies)?
~ A Crash Course in Sex toys
~ Improving Orgasms 
~ Full Body Pleasure & The Erogenous Zones 
~ Mindful Sex 
~ Upping Your Masturbation Game 


How to book?

Click here, or email us at hello@posmo.com.au, and copy/paste the following: 

"I'm interested in hosting a Posmo Sex Talk" 

We'll take it from there!


Additional information ~
~ The structure of the Sex Talks can be modified if you prefer more sex toy show and tell time.
~ Cancellations: $50 refunded if event cancelled more than 3 days before scheduled date.  
~ Minimum 10 people per event.