Previously an elusive act, the Skene’s Gland and all its glory has moved to our centre fold.

Squirting refers to the liquid (some kind of mix of urea, uric acid, and creatinine HOWEVER it’s really still unknown) from people who are vulva owners during self-pleasure or sex. The terms squirting and female ejaculation used to sometimes be used interchangeably. Terminology has evolved, as it always should be in the paradigm of sex, to draw a difference between the two bodily fluids. Ejaculation is more of a milky white fluid that comes out during orgasm. Squirting is a clearer liquid that doesn’t necessarily coincide with orgasm and can come out in larger amounts.

And yes, we’d love to answer the question: can everyone squirt?

Unfortunately, research is really muddled because squirting and ejaculation have been used synonymously. Some resources say 70% of vulva owners squirt but this may be referring to ejaculation. It’s so important for language and terminology to be evolving within the sex world. POSMO can’t wait to be able to give you a concrete answer when the evidence is concise; until then, enjoy your play-time!

A conversation with a close friend *Nico (he/him), opened the lens to how powerful squirting can potentially be as a self-pleasure or sex act for gender affirmation.

“As a trans man who has chosen to not have gender confirmation surgery squirting feels really affirming for me because it is similar to ejaculation”

It’s super important to note here that not everyone sits in this space. The exploration of our bodies and our relationship with them is entirely our own journey. However, POSMO will always strive to create safe spaces for deep listening, inclusivity of perspective and open communication.

With all this talk about squirting, it would seem only right to send you on your pleasure quest with a little guidebook from our POSMO director, in-house sexologist and sacred protector of the orgasm Laura Miano.

When setting the pleasure zone for squirting, keep in mind this is all about you being super relaxed and aroused. Light the candles. Put the playlist on. Do all the things you usually do to warm yourself up or get horny.

Toys, as always, are an option. Using a toy made with glass or metal material allows for a ‘harder’ pressure to be applied. We recommend the ‘Double Fun Double Ended Dildo’ and ‘The Mist’.

But, don’t be shy with your fingers; we have them for a reason ;)

Stimulating the g-spot for an extended period of time is the fun part; this can take up to 30 minutes. As you massage it, you or your sex partner may notice the G-Spot becoming more pronounced.

The duo of internal play and external oral can expand pleasure at this moment. Also, applying slight pressure to the pubococcygeal (pelvic) muscles when nearing orgasm can increase the chances of squirting. Roughly a hand size down from your belly bottom.

When you feel your climax about to come on, stay calm, keep your pelvic floor relaxed and don’t fight the urge to pee. AKA lean in bb.

Whenever self-pleasuring or engaging with a partner check-in. Only keep going when it’s pleasurable and with consent. Having a conversation around squirting and trying it out can add to the excitement of the entire situation. If it doesn’t feel right, thank your body and try again another time <3

Happy Squirting x

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