Posmo aims to deepen understanding of subjective experience and exploration.

We've compiled a list of entry level exploration for you to potentially incorporate in your play. We want you to embody your most erotic, empowered self, and maybe, inspire you to make your own exploration list. 

Virtual Connection 

Welcome to the world wide web. 

Skype, Facetime, phone call or your chosen medium - this can be an erotic way to connect when being togther isn’t an option. Consent always. Posmo recommends the We Vibe Chorus and the Nos Penis Ring Stimulator to take things up a notch - app controlled for long distance play. 

Temperature Play 

Playing with the body's senses can be a way to elicit more pleasure. Using warm or cold objects, erogenous zones (nipples, thighs, lower stomach) can be teased and caressed. This can lead to deeper orgasms, or non-penetrative orgasms. At Posmo, we also have a range of glass toys that are able to be warmed up or cooled down; look for prompts in the glass toy description or don’t be afraid to send us a message at with any enquiries!

Role Play 

Sometimes embodying another ‘character’  - if you will - can really spice things up. Posmo endorses anything from the secretary - boss scenario, puppy play and everything in between. Role Play can be a super healthy way to act out your inner needs and sexual desires in a safe, consensual environment. 

Sex Toys 

We are blessed by the tech bb’s! Using sex toys before sex, like the We Vibe Moxie that clips onto underwear, can really heat things up, causing tension and pre-sex-arousal that makes everything more fun. Using toys during foreplay and intercourse is incredible also. Whether you are looking for partnered toys, double penetration or dual stimulation there are so many exciting options. Have a play in our Couples Toys section. 


Shibari translates to ‘tying’ or ‘binding’ in most contexts, stemming from Kinbaku-bi which translates to ‘the beauty of tight binding’. Whilst Shibari has a home in the BDSM community, it also is an artform that some people practice for the mindfulness it requires, the intimacy it integrates and the erotic form it provides. Shibari can be a beautiful way for you and your partner/s to slow down, connect and be present. 

Mutual Masturbation 

If you haven’t explored this and you feel comfortable with trying, you should - pleasure has no bounds. If you are open to genital stimulation and increasing your sex repertoire, this is a sexy option that requires no penetration or partner contact. Exploring sexual acts outside of penetrative sex is super important and also pleasurable if you aren’t ready for or are unable to have penetrative sex.  Also, it’s the best how-to guide; show your partner ways you like to please yourself. 


Love, Posmo x

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