The wand massager, also known as the Magic Wand, is an icon. 

Historically speaking, the wand appeared in 1968, the beginning of the sexual revolution within Western society, where outdated sexual stereotypes were starting to be questioned. Sex educator Betty Dodson, the pioneer of BodySex Workshops and author of Liberating Masturbation, popularised the wand for women as an “aid”; despite it originally being marketed and sold as a personal sports massager by Hitachi manufacturing. 

Culturally, it’s likely she was the first sex toy you ever saw on screen; think of the popular cult classics, notably Sex & The City and Bachelor Party. Despite the (re)evolution of sex toys - and now the sex metaverse - the Magic Wand continues to remain relevant within the new-wave pleasure paradigm as a key player. 

We wanted to give you the lowdown on how to use a wand massager. In this instance, two heads are better than one. POSMO has left no stone unturned; picking the brains of our Creative Director / Registered Sexology Laura Miano and filtering through the advice from 20,000 vulva owners sharing on OMG YES (an online bible of pleasure, instruction videos included).



Setting the mood is whatever you want it to be. Create your atmosphere. What senses do you want to involve? Silence, music, candles, in bed or the bath - your curation is the oyster, your orgasm the pearl. If you are feeling stressed, adding some mindfulness or meditation beforehand can calm any energy that may get in the way of your pleasure experience. 

What stimulates your mind? There are no rules. Read erotic literature for an hour before masturbating, imagine the hottest fantasy you’ve ever had, or watch ethical porn. POSMO loves audio porn; laying back and listening is sometimes the relaxation you need if visuals or imagination are feeling too stimulating or aren’t flowing. Grounding yourself in your body and breathing deeply helps you to experience all the sensations and body feedback you are about to experience.  

POSMO endorses erogenous zones. When you’re ready to, try ‘hinting’. This involves paying attention to areas like your nipples, earlobes and thighs with feather-light touching before moving down towards your pubic bone area. Slowly guide yourself around the sides of your outer labia, and then your inner labia before finding your clitoris and the inside of your vulva; the vagina and your g-spot. 

If you’re engaging in partner play or dual masturbating: consent first, and pay attention to erogenous zones to extend foreplay alongside kissing, stroking and squeezing other parts of the body. 


POSMO has narrowed down the best pleasure techniques to try when using a wand of any kind. 


Wrapping involves incorporating different fabrics and materials into your play. This can ‘absorb’ or soften the vibration between the rotating, rubber head and the skin of the vulva. The vibrations can alter depending on what fabric you use and how much layering you do. For example, using bed sheets creates a soft barrier that can be layered many times to create a more subtle, gentle vibration. You can also go for something rough, silky or fluffy; it’s your world xx. 


Rippling is the technique which involves indirectly vibrating the clitoris. Pick a spot close by such as the outer labia or pubic bone and see if it adds anticipation. Stay mindful during. How does it feel? Is it enough for you to climax? Does it make you crave your partner? Do you feel turned on by yourself? 


You can “transfer” the vibrations from the wand onto another object or your fingers. Think of it like connecting the dots; the wand touches a chosen object/fingers which then touches your body. Transferring may allow you to have more control over the movements or be a preference if you like to have skin-to-skin tactility. 

If you have a partner involved, they can place the wand on the outside of their cheek (low speed, user discretion!!!) as they give you oral. Or vice versus. If your partner is a penis owner, during penetrative sex you can vibrate your clit and the shaft of their penis for added sensation. 

If you are using your wand (or any toys) with other folx, you can always put a condom over the toys to prevent sexually transmitted infections or sharing of bodily fluids. 

POSMO suggests the Doxy Die Cast and the Doxy Die Cast 3R, as well as the smaller Body Wand Mini Massagers - all available through POSMO (located under vibrators). 


Written by Amelia Duffield x POSMO

Amelia Duffield is an aspiring sexologist/sex therapist and is passionate about all things sexual health, positivity and empowerment. She shares sex education resources on her personal Instagram (@goonbag_mcgee), which aims to spread awareness and advocate for sexual liberation and wellness. 

You can contact her via email or linkedin.

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