Eco erotica speaks to nature's sensual, sexual, and erotic pleasures. Recognition of this sexuality movement began in the early 00s and can mean different things to different people. 

Just like queer theory states, any sexuality is subjective. 

So eco-eroticism may mean forming an emotional and erotic relationship with nature, having sex with nature or using eco-friendly sex toys. It may also encompass radical environmentalism: the ideology of viewing our relationship with the environment as we do with other sexual and romantic partners, consisting of love, care, consent and respect. 

Eco-fetishism is an extension of this eroticism that incorporates BDSM practices into nature play, creating a synergy of our ecology and erotic desire. 

Sacred Sadism is an eco-fetishist brand that “reframes traditional BDSM modalities using the aesthetics and ecologies of plant life; exploring systems of domination on both micro and macro scales. By questioning hierarchies between humans and so-called "nature", they break down the nuances of power exchange that dictate our daily lives and interpersonal intimacy.

This is a perfect space for those who don’t connect with the traditional leather archetype of BDSM culture - Sacred Sadism also offers kink tools, vac-bed and eco-fetish co-topping sessions, and online and in-person plant play courses. 

Posmo co-founder, creative director and in-house sexologist Laura Miano enlightens us:

We derive eroticism from nature all the time. Swimming in the ocean, watching the sunset, walking through a park. These are all activities that bring us pleasure. So pleasure in nature is not foreign to us. Eroticism isn’t always about sex. It’s about enjoying yourself, being present, feeling creative, playful and alive. So everyone is actually already eco-erotic.” 

With this in mind, if you’re interested in delving into the sexual realm of eco-eroticism, it’s not as scary as it sounds. 

Here’s a practice anyone can try: 

  • Find a time when you feel relaxed, warm, safe, and grounded.  
  • Prepare by choosing a nature-based place or experience where you feel pleasure in your life - do you love watching the sunset? Is there a particular view you love to marvel at? Do you enjoy running your hands through warm sand? This will become your erotic material. 

Note - If you prefer to do this in privacy so you can stimulate yourself, either fantasise about your place or find a photo or video that depicts it. 

  • Start by taking long deep breaths. Extend the exhale a little longer than the inhale. Do this for 20 breaths. 
  • Take some time to appreciate your chosen place or experience. What do you like about it? Why is it unique or meaningful to you? When you engage with it, what does it bring up for you, and what changes do you notice in your body? Connect with the true essence of your attraction to it. 
  • Then, take another 20 deep breaths and focus on breathing through your genitals. I.e. as you breathe in, imagine energy moving through your genitals and into your belly, then imagine it leaving as you exhale. Once you get the hang of this, bring your chosen place or experience back to mind. 
  • Think about peeling the layers back on it to reveal its erotic or sexual elements. If there is a particularly beautiful or ethereal part to it, focus on that! Use this appreciation to fuel your sexual arousal. 
  • If you have privacy, begin touching your extremities, slowly caressing yourself with your nature fantasy. Touch all the erogenous zones that bring you pleasure and keep connecting to your nature fantasy. Eventually, make your way to your genitals and slowly stimulate yourself. 
  • Keep using your fantasy, place or experience until you feel like you’ve genuinely connected to it in an erotic way. If you want to orgasm, use the majestic imagery of your fantasy to get you there. 
  • Afterwards, take some time to appreciate this newfound side to nature and thank yourself for stepping into a new experience. You’ve just experienced eco-sexuality!

Note: You might feel apprehension about connecting to nature this way. Notice it and give yourself permission to step into the vulnerability <3