An Interview With The Iconic Dirty Versachi

An Interview With The Iconic Dirty Versachi

Meet Dirty Versachi: A Trailblazer in Music and Drag

Welcome to a peek into the world of Dirty Versachi, where music, drag, and queer expression collide. Renowned for boundary-pushing performances, Dirty Versachi blends creativity and advocacy on stages worldwide. Join us as we explore their dynamic artistry and fearless exploration of identity.


Tell us about what you do for work. 

I work as a DJ and a drag queen, both of which allow me to express myself creatively and connect with diverse audiences. My live performances combine my original music, DJing visuals, and choreography to create immersive experiences that celebrate and connect with the queer community. I recently performed my debut DJ set at Berlin's iconic Schwuz club, a milestone that marks my growing international presence. Through my music and performances, I strive to push boundaries and celebrate the vibrant spectrum of queer identity.


How does sexuality tie into your music / work? 

Sexuality is woven into every aspect of my work. As a nonbinary individual navigating the complexities of gay masculine culture, my music and performances serve as a platform for exploring and expressing my queer identity. My track "PUMPED UP LIKE A PONY" critiques the pressures of conforming to hyper-masculine ideals within the gay community, all wrapped up in a sexy and seductive song. It's a complex exploration of identity and societal expectations. Through my drag persona and social media presence, I embrace sexual liberation and unapologetic self-expression, challenging toxic norms and celebrating the beauty of queer diversity.


What does being queer mean to you? 

Being queer to me means embracing a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and resistance against societal norms. It signifies the freedom to live and love without boundaries, to explore the fluidity of gender and sexuality, and to create spaces where all identities are celebrated. Queerness is a powerful statement of individuality and community, a vibrant tapestry of diverse experiences and expressions. For me, it means navigating my identity with courage and honesty, finding strength in vulnerability, and contributing to a culture of inclusivity and acceptance.


What was your journey of queer discovery like for you? 

My journey of queer discovery has been both liberating and challenging. I came out when I was 20, but the path to self-acceptance was filled with internal struggles and insecurities. Growing up with internalized Christian conditioning made it difficult to embrace my desires and connect with others and myself. Early encounters left me feeling scared and unsure, leading me to question my sexuality and even consider that I might be asexual. It wasn't until my early twenties that I experienced a breakthrough, learning to embrace my sexuality and desires without shame. Now, in my thirties, I'm in my "slut era," openly exploring and celebrating my sexuality. This journey has been a profound process of healing and self-discovery, allowing me to navigate my queer identity with confidence and pride.


What is your favourite sex toy?

I've been leaning more into exploring new toys recently. One of the most interesting experiences has been learning about rope play. A friend taught me how to tie ropes, and it's opened up a whole new world of possibilities and fun. So far I’ve found rope play to be a great way to build trust and connection. Plus, the power play dynamic that comes with it is incredibly hot and exhilarating. Although I’m new to exploring sex toys, I’m definitely very curious! I’m looking forward to exploring more in the future.

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