• Faceted implosion close up and held upright between two fingers
  • Faceted implosion sex toy held diagonally upright in hand
  • Faceted implosion sex toy held via shaft in hand
  • Faceted implosion dildo held flat in palm of hand
  • faceted implosion held in hand showing the base
  • faceted implosion dildo held upright with hand holding the base

Crystal Delights Faceted Implosion

Regular price $150.00

Remember those glass flowered ornaments you saw decorated around your relatives house? They've officially been upgraded to a dildo!

This hand-crafted twist glass dildo feels as beautiful as it looks. Using a single piece of cobalt blue and clear hardened borosilicate glass, it creates a mesmerising effect as you twist it in. 

What makes a twist glass toy unique is the spiral sensation you feel as it's gently twisted inside of you. Providing waves of pleasure, you can use this toy to stimulate your G-spot, A-spot and prostate. 

  • 12-15cm insertable length
  • 3cm largest twist diameter 
  • 235g in weight 
  • Non-porous glass material
  • Use with silicon, water-based or oil-based lube
  • Wash your glass toy by following the instructions on our FAQs page

To note: As a precaution, inspect your glass sex toy before each use, in case the toy was unintentionally knocked in storage. If you drop your glass sex toy on a hard surface, discontinue using your toy for sexual purposes as small cracks might have formed. This is when your glass sex toy can retire to a beautiful home object! Read our FAQs for more information on caring for glass toys. 

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